Richard Jankovich Photo.jpg

Richard Jankovich
CEO and “Founder- B(R)ANDS Music Branding Group & SHOPLIFTER


Opening Keynote
Nov. 29th, 7:15 p.m.

The Soundtrack of Engagement: An Immersive Experience

For over 15 years, Richard has nurtured partnerships between the music industry and consumer brands, advertising agencies and content aggregators by providing in-store radio promotion, driving music/brand strategy, selecting & licensing music and executing content-driven engagement programs. A true thought-leader, Richard lectures at USC and his first book, "Hit Brands: How Music Builds Value for the World's Smartest Brands" (with Eric Sheinkop and Dan Jackson) was published in 2013.

In his keynote, Richard will challenge our ideas on what and how to engage a customer. His expertise is on the impact music has on buying decisions creating calls to action.


Ben Roth Photo.jpg

Ben Roth
Chief Creative Officer & Global Brand Creative Director, MKTG.

Morning Keynote
Nov. 30th, 9:00 AM

Transformation, Synthesis, and Value: The Evolution of Experiential Marketing

It is time for our industry to transform from a supply/service-centered model to a strategic consultancy. This paradigm shift now offers a new value proposition and opportunity, namely experiential engagement solutions.  This process is intended to enlist more customer engagement. Too often, however, we are not partnering with our customers in their initial strategic planning sessions. So, what do we do next? 

Ben will help us explore how we can better transform our hard-won experience that, when challenged, can better employ our collective skills to yield new ways to engage and drive   energies on behalf of our clients. It is time for our industry to move to a form a synthesis of capabilities farther upstream in the strategic process, closer to the origin of our client’s business challenges.

We’ll discuss how to translate our hard-won knowledge and strength of designing things into strategically designing creative business experiences - solutions that encompass deep, meaningful and memorable brand experiences.  This session will show us how we can leverage our ability to make, build, install and inspire human beings into new concepts built for mobility, engagement and increased monetization