EDPA Foundation
by Amy Sondrup, President, Access TCA, Inc.

Amy Sondrup  President    Access TCA, Inc.

Amy Sondrup
Access TCA, Inc.

The exhibition industry provides adrenalin to the GDP. $91 billion worth of adrenalin, according to CEIR figures released in May 2018. This amazing contribution establishes our industry as a major force in the health of the economy.

As we celebrate the power and strength of our industry, we also need to ensure its future growth and to be mindful of the people who contribute to its astonishing success and its impact on the economy. We do that through the EDPA Foundation. Providing scholarships to the next generation of industry families, partnering with universities that prepare future exhibit professionals, and giving financial assistance to our colleagues in time of need—that is the mission of the EDPA Foundation.

Access TCA is proud to be a founding grantor of the EDPA Foundation.  When the EDPA Foundation supports the individuals and families who embody the spirit of our industry, we reach out not only to our own members but to the larger global community as well, to the professionals in every city who help make the magic of exhibitions happen.