EDPA Exhibitor Advisory Committee; Building Advocacy & Certification Program Value
by Gwen Hill, EDPA President Emeritus

Gwen Hill   EDPA President Emeritus

Gwen Hill
EDPA President Emeritus

The EDPA’s focus has always been and will continue to be on the builders of our industry – those who create and bring the experiences to life. One important element to all builders and suppliers are their clients, the brand managers and corporate exhibitors, who are responsible for budgets and proving the value of the events.  With this in mind, we formed the EDPA Advisory Committee in 2017 that consists of nine brand managements representing brands as such as HP, GE Healthcare and, our most recent member, Verizon, just to name a few. 

Each of the participants are very passionate about our industry and, when brought together, I always like to say that they can move mountains.  Some of them participated in previous industry committees including the former TSEA and E2MA.  In moving forward as the newly formed EDPA Advisory Committee, the following purpose statement was established in Q3 2017:  As brand managers who are responsible for maintaining budgets and measuring the success of trade show programs with the support of EDPA members, our Purpose Statement is to strive for transparent business practices, drive advocacy by working with show management and general service contractors, educate and productively communicate best practices to ensure growth and continued success of our industry.” Our first meeting of 2018 was held face-to-face at ExhibitorLIVE in late February and we’re working together to define the overall goals and objectives to accomplish together by year end.