Why I’m a Member of EDPA
By Amanda Helgemoe, Nuvista

Amanda Helgemoe

Amanda Helgemoe

I have not missed a single EDPA annual meeting since I have entered this industry in 1996.  I have experienced a few different management companies over the years which meant that some years were better than others when it came to meaningful content.  However, every year has been more than worth it to me personally and for my company.  As a supplier and now member of the board I can tell you that the content is extremely valuable and the networking is not to be missed.

At our last annual meeting in Carlsbad CA. one of the keynotes was Ben Roth an Agency owner.  I have carried the key points from his presentation into 2018 and have used his advice to change the way we look at marketing.  I wrote down this quote from his presentation regarding the future of emotion and I will share it with you, “The sometimes stark world of digital intelligence has led people to pull back and rediscover the joy of getting emotional with brands now targeting “emotional data”.  Pretty powerful stuff.

I also had the pleasure of witnessing a new member that we encouraged to join EDPA this year at the annual meeting.  His comments represent how I feel about the Association.  He told me that he was very thankful that I introduced him to the Association and he could not praise the sessions, property, food and great networking enough.

I have recently within the last two years also been honored to be involved with the EDPA Foundation and I have witnessed first-hand many of the people within our industry that the foundation has been able to help.  It brings great joy to be part of such an amazing cause for our industry.