I’ll say it up front! Join us in Chicago on June 27th for EDPA ENGAGE

Michael McMahon   President and CEO Hill and Partners

Michael McMahon
President and CEO
Hill and Partners

I’ll say it up front!  Join us in Chicago on June 27th for EDPA ENGAGE
by Michael McMahon
President and CEO, Hill and Partners

It’s Spring here in the Northeast, and members of the EDPA in this area of the country are emerging from winter darkness to gain a peek at business results from the first quarter of 2019. We are all better off if collective results are favorable, and I know I speak for all of us when I say that we would like our industry to continue to prosper. Which is reason enough to make a commitment, finalize those plans and head to the windy city to connect with each other again.

Last year, the EDPA launched ENGAGE in Chicago, and for the capacity sell-out group of professionals who attended, the program was a hit. The speakers during the event were Marc Wayshak and Ben Roth, and their challenge for our members was to consider new insights for the sales process while remaining open to ideas regarding the future of engagement.

Along with enjoying the presentation schedule, and thanks to many of our industry supplier members we had the opportunity to engage with them right there in the “in room” display spaces. The close proximity for those who sponsored and or supported the event via an exhibit space, made for quick and easy conversation during breaks in the schedule.

A highlight for me was the opportunity to facilitate one of the three discussions during lunch, where Dave Flory and I had the opportunity to manage the excitement and energy around a discussion about all things “Experiential”.

Feedback was on our minds, and one comment that really jumped out at me was an answer to “What would you like the EDPA to do more of?” , … and the answer was “This!”  Those within earshot responded with a resounding yes, and I even heard someone say that “It’s great to have a discussion with our peers about things that matter”. So, you have an opportunity to be part of the content and experience at ENGAGE, by expanding the conversation through sharing your expertise.

I left Chicago last year completely charged up and deeply proud of this industry that I have dedicated so much of my life toward. To see people sharing their thoughts, and even best practices, is a tribute to the collective knowledge and generous spirit that exists in our industry.

This year you should have received the email on April 11th, which details an entirely new program with guest speakers who can share their insights from a unique and essential perspective.

Why ENGAGE? … because the EDPA comes to life when we come together!

See you in Chicago this June!