EDPA Highlights Commitment to Certification Program


EDPA Highlights Commitment to Certification Program

Exhibit Organizations Evaluated on Trust and Transparency in the RFP Process

 {Westport, CT}  The Experiential Designers and Producers Association (EDPA), the network for leaders in the customer experience industry,  today announced a renewed focus on the EDPA Certification Program, an evaluation process that recognizes exhibit organizations on the basis of business integrity, capabilities and operational practices. 

With steady economic growth over the past several years, many veteran exhibitors have increased their face-to-face marketing activities, while new participants, both exhibitors and exhibit companies, have joined the industry.  This increased activity has highlighted the need for education around trust and transparency in the RFP process, a market demand EDPA is committed to fulfilling.

Over the next several months, the organization will launch an aggressive awareness campaign, including national advertising in industry publications.  Also, the program logo and seal used by companies earning certification has been redesigned to visually reflect the values underlying the program Trust and Transparency.

Launched in early 2014, the EDPA Certification Program was created in response to an industry survey of corporate trade show exhibitors that revealed a desire for more transparency and consistency during the RFP process.  Exhibit managers charged with positioning a company’s brand for face-to-face marketing success, as well as judicious use of corporate assets, struggled with lack of verification of exhibit companies’ RFP responses. 

At the same time, exhibit companies acknowledged the significant burden the RFP process placed on their organizations with the average response cost estimated near $7,000 not including any requested design work.

EDPA’s Certification Program is designed to ease the burden on both sides of the process.  The goal is to ensure that the right questions are being asked, that vital information is not being withheld, and that an in-depth understanding of the capabilities and scale of each responding organization can be determined. 

“The EDPA Certification seal has given our organization tremendous credibility for brands seeking a trusted exhibit and event partner and has strengthened our position as an authority in the industry.”  says Donna Shultz, President and CEO of Mirror Show Management.

To become EDPA Certified, builders and suppliers complete a comprehensive application process, very similar to an RFP. The completed application with required supporting documentation are sent directly to iCompli, a division of BPA Worldwide, a not-for-profit international auditing organization, who developed the certification protocols for the EDPA Certification Program and performs independent third-party audits to confirm compliance.

Currently there are 15 companies that have earned certification, with a number of others in the process of submitting application for evaluation and approval.   These companies re-certify every 2 years to ensure ongoing compliance.


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