Wednesday, November 29th

7:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Morning Outdoor Events
Golf Outing, Fishing, & Electric Bike Tour


2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Management Issues Forum

As our industry evolves, our businesses must adapt.  Opportunities abound but so do the challenges. ACCESS 2017 kicks off with an interactive forum for C-level attendees to discuss the issues we all face by taking advantage of these new opportunities and overcoming the challenges.   Your participation is key, so come prepared to talk about the things that are keeping you up at night.

Moderated by: Dan Serebin, CFO, Derse

2:00 PM to
4:30 PM


Design Issues Forum

This year we kick off a 3-part series of Strategic Design Sessions for the creative, strategic and design professional in attendance, centering around the theme of “experiential engagement”.  Our first session is an open peer forum discussion that will tackle today’s customers perception of exhibition “design”.  Today’s client relationship is a strategic partnership.  Therefore, we will look to design as more than a design-build vendor relationship and more of a strategic partnership to meet the new expectations of today’s customers. To kick things off we will call on our peers to discuss what has worked well and what has not worked well in the recent past – bring your war stories! 

Moderated by: Stephen Ross, VP Creative, Access

Supplier Showcase Preview

5:00 PM to
6:00 PM

6:00 PM to
7:15 PM

Networking Reception

7:15 PM to 8:15 PM

Richard Jankovich

Richard Jankovich

Opening Keynote
The Soundtrack of Engagement: An Immersive Experience

Richard Jankovich, CEO and Founder – B(R)ANDS Music Branding Group & SHOPLIFTER

For over 15 years, Richard has nurtured partnerships between the music industry and consumer brands, advertising agencies and content aggregators by providing in-store radio promotion, driving music/brand strategy, selecting & licensing music and executing content-driven engagement programs. A true thought-leader, Richard lectures at USC and his first book, "Hit Brands: How Music Builds Value for the World's Smartest Brands" (with Eric Sheinkop and Dan Jackson) was published in 2013.

In his keynote, Richard will challenge our ideas on what and how to engage a customer. His     expertise is on the impact music has on buying decisions creating calls to action.

Welcome Reception & Dinner

8:15 PM
to 10:00 PM

Thursday, November 30th

Breakfast / Presidents Intro

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM

9:00 AM to
10:00 AM

Ben Roth Photo.jpg

Morning Keynote
Transformation, Synthesis, and Value: The Evolution of Experiential Marketing

Ben Roth, Chief Creative Officer & Global Brand Creative Director, MKTG.

It is time for our industry to transform from a supply/service-centered model to a strategic consultancy. This paradigm shift now offers a new value proposition and opportunity, namely experiential engagement solutions. This process is intended to enlist more customer engagement. Too often, however, we are not partnering with our customers in their initial strategic planning sessions.  So, what do we do next? 

Ben will help us explore how we can better transform our hard-won experience that, when challenged, can better employ our collective skills to yield new ways to engage and drive energies on behalf of our clients.  It is time for our industry to move to a form a synthesis of capabilities farther upstream in the strategic process, closer to the origin of our client’s business challenges.

We’ll discuss how to translate our hard-won knowledge and strength of designing things into   strategically designing creative business experiences - solutions that encompass deep, meaningful and memorable brand experiences.  This session will show us how we can leverage  our ability to make, build, install and inspire human beings into new concepts built for mobility, engagement and increased monetization.

Supplier Showcase

10:00 AM to Noon

Networking Luncheon

Noon to
1:15 PM



1:15 PM to
1:45 PM

Industry Issues Dialogue
Demanding Value, How to Stay Ahead in a World of Steady Price Increases

Recent studies show that 30% of total costs are often unknown to exhibitors at the time they sign their booth space contracts, and that exhibitors now have direct influence over only 11% of their trade show spend.  This, combined with the fact that exclusive on-site show services are increasing 5 times faster than non-exclusive services, calls for an exploratory conversation about the hidden and rising costs of exhibiting for you and your customers. 

Our panel will lead an interactive discussion with the audience to share experiences, and explore the changing value of exhibit, event, and experiential marketing.

Moderator: Chris Griffin, President, TS Crew

1:45 PM to
3:00 PM

CFO Roundtable

Our businesses are transforming!  We are increasingly delivering comprehensive experiential engagement solutions rather than architectural-based designs and builds.  As the value chain changes to meet this transformation, so must our financial thinking.  Our old financial models are      no longer meeting our needs. Be part of a candid, causal and real conversation about this necessary financial revolution and how our role as financial leaders is changing.

Moderator: Dan Serebin, CFO, Derse

3:15 PM to
4:45 PM


Women in Exhibitions

This year, the Women in Exhibition Forum returns!  This open discussion will be a continuing conversation of years past, and it will be driven by the input of everyone in attendance.  We will start by covering the unique challenges facing women in our industry.  Come ready to talk with your peers about your successes, struggles, and how we can work together to empower the next generation of female leaders in the exhibition space.

Moderator: Amy Sondrup, President, Access TCA



1:15 PM to
3:00 PM


International Session – Focus on China

Join the EDPA International Committee for this deep-dive on doing business in China. Learn about the keys to successful collaboration between Chinese and American companies and get more details on EDPA’s delegation trip to Qingdao China in Jan. 2019!


1:15 PM to 2:00 PM
China Rising  

Speaker: Andrew Cheng, Group Chief Executive Officer, Kingsmen Creatives LTD.

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Experience China

Speakers: Norm Schwab & Mike Maio, Lightswitch.


3:15 PM to
4:45 PM

Strategic Design Session #1
Design Thinking: Driving the Culture of your Organization

Our Keynote Speaker, Ben Roth, will discuss how organizations can leverage the tools of ‘design thinking’ to create new and dynamic experiential, strategic solutions for their clients. The focus will be on the “organization” as a whole, and highlight how every member plays a role in the creative development, not just the creative team.

Speaker: Ben Roth, Chief Creative Officer & Global Brand Creative Director, MKTG.

Free Time

5:00 PM to
6:00 PM

VIP Reception (Foundation Grantors)

6:00 PM to
6:30 PM

Not-So-Silent Auction & Presidents Gala

6:30 PM to 10 PM

Friday, December 1st

8:30 AM to 9:00 AM

Free Time

Chapter Meetings/Breakfast

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

CEIR Index & EDPA Custom Economic Research Interactive Data Session

This interactive session will create opportunity for discussion and feedback as we review key data about the state of our industry, including never before released CEIR Index data. The CEIR Index Report provides an objective measure of the annual performance on the exhibition industry by measuring year-over-year changes in four key metrics: NSF of exhibit space sold, professional attendance, number of exhibiting companies and total event gross revenue. Combined with EDPA’s latest annual Economic Survey data, you will be able to interact with the rest of the audience with the help of personal engagement technologies. See how your company stacks up against the current pulse of the industry.

Dan Greene, Managing Director, Nolan Advisory Services
Nancy Drapeau, Senior Research Director, CEIR

10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Lunch  - Supplier Showcase

11:45 AM to 1:00 PM



1:00 PM to
2:30 PM

Your Company's Culture & Brand
Does Your Company "Walk the Talk"? 

As we evolve from design-builders to strategic, experiential providers, we should ask if our physical facilities represent engagement and experiential elements to our prospects and customers. We should revisit if our employees own and live the values of the company mission through their behaviors. In this session, we will explore a step-by-step process of how industry leaders have intentionally created or re-invented the culture of their company in order to embrace change.

Speaker:  Steve Pederson – Adjunct Professor University of MN. and Former Exhibit Industry Executive



1:00 PM to
2:30 PM


Strategic Design Session #2

Our final design session will look at the trends and expectations of customers in today’s event marketing industry.  As designers, we will share ideas on what ‘has worked’ as we design memorable, interactive, engaging experiences for our customers. As creative leaders, we will share skills on how to create ‘customer journey guidelines’ WITH our clients, so we can implement new ideas.

The goal of this session is to bring fresh perspective to the ideas within experiential engagement, and to offer up useful tools to help creative teams become more than exhibit designers…rather creative leaders that engineer engagement.

Moderator: JACKSON YOUNG, Director of Experience Design & Product Innovation, Lenati

2:45 PM to
3:30 PM

EDPA Town Hall Meeting

Join the EDPA’s leadership for a conversation about the association, where it is today and where it’s going. Give feedback, get feedback—this annual peer-to-peer meeting helps set the stage for the future of your association.

Chapter Challenge

Come out and show your support for the EDPA regional chapters at their annual team challenge. Wither you’re an active chapter participant or just a passive cheerleader, there’s plenty of fun (and cocktails) to go around. Don’t miss this!

4:00 PM to
6:00 PM