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2018.02.26 Industry Insight Designed to Engage COVER 500x647.jpg

Last quarter, CEIR released a new Industry Insight Series Report, Designed to Engage – How to Build Elements of Engagement Into Booth Designs written by exhibit marketing strategist, Marlys Arnold, author of Build a Better Trade Show Image and Exhibit Design that Works.

In this practical guide on how to integrate effective engagement tactics in exhibit booth design, author Marlys Arnold emphasizes what engagement should be in an exhibit booth: “Information is everywhere. People crave experiences instead, especially in a face-to-face environment.”

“The heart of a trade show is the engagement that takes place between exhibitors and attendees on a show floor,” said CEIR President Cathy Breden. “It is an important, unique value of the channel. Marlys’ report does a great job pulling out key trends from CEIR’s Attendee Engagement Study Series and offering examples of how exhibitors have successfully responded to them in a way that helps them achieve their overall goals for exhibiting.”

This seven-page report covers content relating to:
• Definition of engagement;
• Discussion of the disconnect between what attendees want and what exhibitors are doing;
• Range of engagement opportunities to consider using in an exhibit booth; and
• Three case studies and other examples.


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