ACCESS 2017 General Session Video; Don’t Miss It!

Transformation, Synthesis and Value: The Evolution of Experiential Marketing

Presenter: Ben Roth, Chief Creative Officer & Global Brand Creative Director, MKTG .

Presenter: Ben Roth, Chief Creative Officer & Global Brand Creative Director, MKTG.

View the full 55 min. video of one of our most popular ACCESS general sessions ever, “The Evolution of Experiential Marketing” with Ben Roth.

Here’s Ben’s session description as it appeared in our ACCESS 2017 brochure & website last year:

Now is the time for our industry to transform itself from a supply/service-centered model to a strategic consultancy. This paradigm shift offers a new value proposition and opportunity, namely experiential engagement solutions to enlist deeper client engagement. Too often, we are not partnering with our clients in their initial strategic planning sessions, so what do we do? Ben will help us explore how we can better transform our hard-won experience and to employ our collective skills to yield new ways to engage and drive energies on behalf of our clients. Our industry needs to move closer to the origin of our clients’ business challenges, to transition from designing things to designing creative business experiences that encompass deep, meaningful, and memorable brand experiences. 

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