Dan Cantor, CEO of Hamilton Exhibits, announced the formation of a Chicago marketing and design office for the company. Cantor said his leadership team had been looking at the growth potential the company could achieve by entering the vibrant Chicago market.

“Our research showed us that it made a lot of sense to establish a presence in this market. With a 200,000 square-foot production, support and warehousing facility just a few hours south of Chicago, we felt we could bring a new approach to doing business here”, said Cantor. “Our sales and design team in Chicago is linked on multiple levels with the support team in Indianapolis."

From their offices in the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove, the team can connect visually with their counterparts in Indianapolis, and literally watch as the exhibits are assembled and prepped. Live streaming images of the production facility and conference spaces in Indianapolis are on large monitors in the Chicago office.

Hamilton’s Chicago team is led by Jim Obermeyer, the new VP – Hamilton Chicago. Obermeyer has over 30 years of experience in the trade show industry with over 20 years in senior management and ownership.

“When Dan approached me about taking on this project, it sounded like a great idea. I think this is the right mix of the proven expertise of Hamilton’s Indianapolis operation and the passion and energy of a start-up in Chicago,” said Obermeyer. “This is going to be fun!”

The rest of the Chicago team currently consists of Max Maxwell, Client Team Director – trade shows, Jim Thorpe, Client Team Director – retail, Ken McGinnis, Design Director, and Kyle Miguel, Client Program Manager.

Maxwell is a seasoned account executive, spending the bulk of his career working with trade show clients in a variety of industries. He has a combined 20-year experience in the creative, marketing and sales aspects of tradeshows.

Thorpe brings a wealth of experience selling retail and environments. He has spent the bulk of his 20-plus years in sales and sales management roles for a variety of companies specializing in face-to-face retail settings.

A career exhibit designer, McGinnis leads the design effort in tandem with the Indianapolis creative team. He is an award-winning creative professional with over twenty years’ experience designing trade show experiences for companies in a wide variety of industries.

Miguel, the only transfer from the Indianapolis headquarters, provides program management and acts as a liaison with the support team there. He has been with Hamilton for eight years in a variety of production and project management roles.

“Our goal is to build a very dynamic, very creative team. There is a lot of talent in our industry in Chicago. That, combined with the expertise and support of the home team in Indianapolis, we believe can bring our clients a very powerful option to the standard fare available in this market,” added Cantor.