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EDPA Southeast Chapter Event: Presentation and Networking Lunch

EDPA Southeast Chapter Event: Informative Presentation and Networking Lunch

Date: Thursday, September 12
Time: 11:30am-1:30pm
Location: beMatrix USA, 4476 Park Dr., Norcross, GA

About: Leveraging the One Question that Will Chang Every Sales Conversation to a Sales Conversion
If you don't listen, you can't ask great questions. If you don't ask great questions, you have nothing to listen to. Googling "top 828 questions to close more deals" might get you part of the way. You'll have a list of questions to start with: but, these aren't the questions that get you to the heart of what's important to a prospect or client. These are the lead into the conversation. What gets you to the information you need, the true bias, beliefs, thoughts and feelings of a prospect is the one question all sales people should be asking, but few do. What's the one question you should be asking but aren't? It's the redirect question.