Wednesday, November 30th

7:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Golf Outing & Fishing Options,
with Additional ZIPLINE Option


2:00PM to 4:15PM

Management Issues Forum

Back by popular demand with its expanded session time, the Management Issues Forum (MIF) can cover topics including increasing sales, procurement, Master Services Agreements, etc. Taking a “Peered” approach to this open forum again this year, the top challenges and opportunities for 2017 come alive in this totally candid, unplugged discussion focused on helping you solidify and grow your business in the new year. (Once again, all MIF session attendees will be divided into peer groups).

Moderated by: Dan Serebin, CFO, Derse

Management Issues Forum
Participant Reception

4:15 PM to 4:45 PM

2:00PM to
4:15 PM

Eva Rowe, VP Messe Dusseldorf NA

Eva Rowe, VP
Messe Dusseldorf NA


Hosted & Moderated by Cam Stevens, EDPA International Chapter Chair & President, stevensE3.

Keynote address: EuroShop 2017 Highlights

Presenter: Eva Rowe, VP, Messe Dusseldorf NA 

Join us for the afternoon as we explore Germany from all angles within the event and exhibiting industry with a focus on the upcoming EuroShop 2017 Expo in Dusseldorf in March. In addition to our special keynote presentation, our Wednesday international track will also cover the following topics & segments;

1.     FAMAB Presentation by Thomas Schuttpelz, Holtmann GmbH

2.     Partner Discussion & Speed Networking

3.     IFES World Summit 2017 Presentation by Philippe Beille, Duo Display

Featured Country: Germany

Worldwide Track Reception

4:15 to
4:45 PM

5:00 PM


Opening Keynote
On Fire at Work - How Great Leaders Ignite Passion in Their People without Burning Them Out

After interviewing highly acclaimed C-level leaders across all industries, Eric Chester has uncovered the practices and principles that Best Places to Work award-winning companies and great leaders are using to go beyond merely engaging today’s rapidly changing workforce, but to ignite what he terms “On Fire performance.”  Through a highly entertaining multi-media presentation, Eric will share the best practice ideas, tactics, and strategies these esteemed employers use to consistently attract and retain top talent, encourage innovation and collaborative thinking, and instill the desire to out-perform yesterday’s best. Leaders, managers, and supervisors will walk away with actionable ideas for building an invincible army of entrepreneurs who take pride and ownership in their work. Inspire the Fire!

First Timers' Meeting &
Women In Exhibitions Meeting

6:15 PM to
7:15 PM

Supplier Showcase Preview Reception

7:30 PM to
8:30 PM

Welcome Reception & Dinner

8:30 PM
to 10:00 PM

Thursday, December 1st



8:30 AM to
9:30 AM

Morning Keynote

Personality Poker: The Playing Card Tool for Driving High-Performance Teamwork & Innovation

Contrary to conventional wisdom, opposites do not attract. As a result, in business, we tend to surround ourselves with people who are similar to us. Although this is great for efficiency, this lack of diversity can kill innovation. How can you increase your innovation potential? Play Personality Poker® with Stephen Shapiro on Thursday morning at ACCESS! This fast-paced, highly interactive game will help you discover your primary innovation style, your innovation blind spots, why the person you like the least is the person you need the most, what is missing from your team that is limiting innovative success and finally, how to create a high-performing innovation team that leverages divergent points of view.

Be ready for the most interactive keynote you will ever experience, one that has been done with audiences of more than 1,000 people in a Vegas casino!

11:00 AM to
11:45 AM

Exclusive: Annual Economic State of the Union

The EDPA’s annual “must-attend” Economic Survey provides a comprehensive look at rates, markups, financials and other business practices of the custom exhibit builder. This is your single source for getting a full round-up of current and forecasted business costs. ACCESS attendees always rank this annual session at the very top for research and data points. You’ll get exclusive insights you’ll begin using within five minutes of the session wrapping. A “must attend” session for the custom exhibit designer/producer.

Presented by EDPA Research Committee Chair: Dan Greene, Managing Director, Nolan Advisory Services

1:45 PM to
2:30 PM

Withdrawal Liability - The Hidden Liability

Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”), as amended by the Multiemployer Pension Plan Amendments Act (“MPPAA”), an employer that has assumed an obligation to contribute to and subsequently withdraws from a collectively-bargained defined benefit pension plan (a “multiemployer plan”) may be liable for its allocable share of any underfunding.  This “withdrawal liability” has become a significant issue due to the economic and investment impact of the 2008 recession, historically low interest rates, declining plan participation, and an increase in the number of retirees, among other things.  “Withdrawal Liability – the Hidden Liability” presents an opportunity to learn how to determine whether withdrawal liability applies to your business, how much such liability may be and what can be done to minimize or limit the financial impact of such liability on your business when the business closes or otherwise withdraws from the pension fund.

Speaker: William Daniels, Attorney, Laner Muchin, Ltd.

2:45 PM to
3:30 PM

Honing Your Social Media Strategy for 2017

Looking for a good roadmap for where social media should be taking your company? Many mainstream perceptions are wrong and most brands actually do it wrong. This session will offer a deep dive on social media trends and guidance on creating an effective social media strategy. Derek DeVries is a self-proclaimed geek that provides strategic counsel on digital reputation management and social media marketing. He’ll also show how to focus your social media strategy on feeding the marketing funnel (getting the right leads/contacts) and building long-term relationships with email marketing. Don’t miss this one!


Speaker: Derek DeVries, Digital Strategist, Lambert, Edwards & Associates

4:30 PM to
5:30 PM

Third Annual CFO Roundtable

CFOs Unite! Back by popular demand, this peer-to-peer roundtable is open to CFOs and top financial brass only (no owners will be allowed in). Come join your financial peers for a candid, casual and real conversation about the financial side of the business. Speak up, or just listen. Topics will include managing cash flow, dealing with receivables, extending credit, etc. Also features a CFO networking reception.

Moderator: Dan Serebin, CFO, Derse



11:00 AM to
11:45 AM

2016 EDPA Portable/Modular Summit

This interactive session will explore how systems are currently being used and how to best utilize your modular system based on the goals and objectives of the specific exhibit program. How do YOU define “custom” exhibit? Learn how to minimize or reduce costs for your exhibit company and your clients—while maximizing ROI. What exhibits are hot? Which are not? What lines should you be considering? You’ll hear it all.

Co-Moderators: Jay Burkette, VP, ExpoDisplays and Pat Friedlander, Word-Up!

1:45 PM to
2:30 PM

The 2016 CEIR Index Report: A Deeper Dive

The CEIR Index Report provides an objective measure of the annual performance of the exhibition industry by measuring year-over-year changes in four key metrics: NSF of exhibit space sold, professional attendance, number of exhibiting companies and total event gross revenue. It details performance for 14 industry sectors and the overall industry. Brian Casey will present a drill-down of multiple research results and key economic indicators, all of which will provide a fantastic rundown of data points you can use to prepare for 2017 and beyond. Take a deeper dive into the CEIR Index and learn about the biggest changes, find out what are the top trends…and use it all to your advantage.

Speaker: Brian Casey, President & CEO, Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)

2:45PM to
3:30 PM

What Goes On in the Boardroom; How Companies Make Major Marketing and Capital Investment Decisions.

An insider's perspective on the prioritization and decision making process behind significant marketing and capital investments and why some projects are green lighted, some are delayed and some are cancelled all together. And why sometimes, just when you thought a project was dead, it rises up bigger and with a more aggressive timeline than before. Understand what's going on inside the organization so that you can plan better, forecast better and handle fewer emergencies.

Speaker: Ellen Campbell Kaminski, VP Marketing and Business Development, Datallianc

4:30 PM to
5:30 PM

Speed Networking

During this program the buyers will spend two minutes with each exhibitor discussing their top business challenges, goals and successes all to gain fresh insight to the industry to prepare for a successful 2017.

(Advanced registration required. Contact drawady@edpa.com for details).

Friday, December 2nd

8:45 AM

David Dubois

David Dubois

Julia Smith

Julia Smith

Ryan Strowger

Ryan Strowger

Closing General Session
Partnering with Show Management: An Industry Dialogue

 Started as separate sessions at the ESCA, EDPA and IAEE annual conferences over the last few years, we’ll continue the dialogue between the contractors and organizers of exhibits, experiences and trade shows…But we’re adding the brand-side exhibitor’s voice to the conversation this time. Join a panel of industry leaders who all share a common link; their commitment and board level involvement within their respective trade associations. Get insights into the current state of the relationships, find out what’s changing and get advice for using your show management relationships more profitably.

David DuBois, President & CEO, International Association of Exhibitions & Events (IAEE)
Julia Smith, SVP, National Sales, Global Experience Specialists (GES)
Ryan Strowger, SVP of Exhibitions, Conferences & Sales,
International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA)
Susanne Skinner, Director, Global Event Marketing, Infinidat

Moderator/Participant: Randal Acker, President & COO, EXHIBITOR Media Group

Sponsored by IAEE

Sponsored by IAEE

Susanne Skinner

Susanne Skinner

Randal Acker

Randal Acker




10:45 AM to
11:30 AM

Shareholder Transition Planning

Preparing for the eventual transition of a business can be a difficult and emotional process.   Careful and timely planning can produce a result that achieves the best possible outcome for all stakeholders including the shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers.  This session will explore a variety of possible outcomes to be considered including family transfers, elevation of the management team, utilizing a professional president or a full / partial sale process.  The discussion will include the necessary steps that should followed and the role of various advisors in this process.

Speaker: Chris Goeglein, Managing Partner, True North Strategic Advisors LL

11:45 AM to
12:30 PM

EDPA Certification Insights: “The RFP Tango”

After nearly 20 years as a brand-side exhibit manager with Purdue Pharma, Christine DiDomenico knows the dance. And after she lived it, she now teaches it. Join Christine and EDPA Certification Program Chair Gwen Hill for a conversation about the ins, outs and dips within the RFP process. We all know that the RFP is a tricky dance, but what can we learn from the end-user to improve the process? Find out what EDPA can do to help. It takes two to tango.

Speakers: Gwen Hill, Incoming President, EDPA & Christine DiDomenico, Event Marketing Consultant



10:45 AM to
11:30 AM

Experience Design for Millennial Brands; Doing Something Extra with the Ordinary

Experience design connects people to the brands that matter to them the most. But how do Boomers and Millennials make that connection? Strategically infusing architecture with a purpose, combining entertainment, creating buzz, and total engagement are all crucial to the mix. Join a millennial designer and recent graduate of FIT’s Exhibition Design Program (and EDPA’s University Affiliations Program) in a dialogue with a Boomer designer. Gain insight into what it really takes to get to the “Queen of Hearts” of the experiential campaign.

Speakers: Muoi Le, Designer, Jack Morton Worldwide & Tony Erpelding, Partner & VP, Creative Services, Group Delphi

11:45 AM to
12:30 PM

BHAG Green & Your Green Action Plan

The best business plans are based on Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals because they are personal. They get you up in the morning because they really matter to you. Sustainability goals are no different; they are built on whatever drives you personally. But how do you achieve goals that seem overwhelmingly big? That’s the big surprise: you simply map your goals against your operations to create a step-by-step action plan that addresses your needs and desires. Come see how it all works and how sustainability can be as unique as your own brand.

Speaker: Tom Bowman, President, Bowman Change

2:15 PM to
3:00 PM

EDPA Town Hall Meeting

Join the EDPA’s leadership for a conversation about the association, where it is today and where it’s going. Give feedback, get feedback—this annual peer-to-peer meeting helps set the stage for the future of your association.