We believe the EDPA Foundation is the heart and soul of our industry; where concern and caring for our families leads to a stronger and more vital industry, and greater contribution to the economy of our nation.


Since 2001, the EDPA Foundation has:


41 Foundation Grantors


$400,000+ in the EDPA Foundation Endowment


70+ scholarships awarded to students of industry families since 2004


100+ industry families provided with financial and emotional support during times of hardship


2 Partner schools with exhibit design programs supported: the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Bemidji State University


EDPAF Scholarship Fund

The EDPAF Scholarship Fund was created in 2004. We award scholarships for higher education for families of industry members.  These scholarships are to be awarded to industry members and their families to help pursue university level of study. Any immediate family member of an individual working anywhere in the exhibition industry, who has graduated or will graduate high school and has accepted attendance at a post-high school educational institute, is eligible to apply. To date, over 70 scholarships have been given.


Do you have a child or know of one in the industry who is entering college in the fall? Download an EDPA Scholarship Fund Application by clicking the button below.

The Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic

The Randy Smith Memorial Golf Classic is the oldest continuous charitable benefit in our industry. The event raises funds to aid industry members and their families suffering emotional and financial hardships.

Unfortunately, there will always be industry members who are in dire need of our support

If you would like to learn more about the RSMGC, or find out how you might help support this endeavor, details and application forms are available here.