My argument for membership in the EDPA
by Michael McMahon, President & CEO, Hill & Partners, Inc. EDPA Executive Committee Member

The Experiential Designers and Producers Association serves hundreds of professional organizations that compete and or collaborate within the rapidly expanding face-to-face marketing universe. As an executive committee member with the organization I’m certainly partial, however, I’m also witness to the countless benefits that come with membership…

EDPA Exhibitor Advisory Committee; Building Advocacy & Certification Program Value
by Gwen Hill, EDPA President Emeritus

The EDPA’s focus has always been and will continue to be on the builders of our industry – those who create and bring the experiences to life. One important element to all builders and suppliers are their clients, the brand managers and corporate exhibitors, who are responsible for budgets and proving the value of the events…

Get Involved in your Local EDPA Chapter!
by Dave Flory, EDPA Chapter Development Committee Chair

The local chapters of EDPA embody our core values and strive to build upon them regularly throughout the year and culminating at our annual conference, ACCESS. Chapters focus on building membership not only at the local but also the national level.  Membership value is created by holding regular meetings, programs, workshops, seminars and networking events…

Meeting the new challenge: a message from the President.
By Donna Shultz

<b>Meeting the new challenge: a message from the President.</b></br><small><i> By Donna Shultz</i></small>

There was a time not long ago, when building beautiful cabinets, hanging a fancy sign and laying a nice carpet was all any of us had to do to make our customers happy.

But times have changed. Today we live in a world where there’s an app for everything. You can stream a thousand movies to your 4k screen, tell Alexa to play your favorite song, order anything your heart desires and it’ll be sitting on your doorstep tomorrow.